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Why Choose Us?


Central to the speed and sustainability of our work is the change in behaviours of your people.
We have won awards for the innovative solutions and technology delivered to the customer.
From further education, haulage and manufacturing to call centres, warehouses and construction, we have a wide sector experience.
Our staff have fantastic experience and understanding from their pre consultancy careers, combined with development with us and a desire to make real change.
Customer’s financial returns are the highest they make, along with a low and controlled cash exposure.
Often copied but never matched, we are paid on the outcomes of our work.

How we deliver


What: Agree the Extent of the Potential

Outputs: Understand what you are capable of and where the challenges lie.

Duration: A few hours

Cost: None!


What: A detailed and expert examination of what could be achieved in areas of scope.

Outputs: An agreed set of targets and measures. An agreed timescale and an agreed approach.

By working with us the customer’s team will “see what we see” and process of change started.

Duration: 2-4 weeks

Cost: Shared cost, billed and recovered on implementation

Design and Develop

What: Create a programme to deliver the full potential identified from the Analysis to suit the customer’s strategy, company culture, current capabilities and financial situation.

Outputs: A mutually agreed programme to deliver tangible and sustainable benefits at the fastest pace possible.

Duration: 1-2 weeks.

Cost: None!

Mutually Invest

What: This could be a supported project, an interim project, recruitment support or training support. Or a combination.

Outputs: Cash flow as per projection, sustained improvements and  behaviour changes combining to deliver quantum changes in performance.

Duration: 8-30 weeks

Cost: Cost billed and recovered from improvements.


What: Continue to work closely together to achieve goals.

Outputs: Audits, bench marking and support

Duration: Ongoing

Cost: None!


What: Opportunity to employ the new techniques and technology we continually develop.

Outputs: Greater Potential

Duration: Ongoing

Cost: Significant Payback